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Winmail.dat Viewer Pro Edition

アクション ユーティリティ
開発者 Chia hsing Su
2.99 USD

Winmail Viewer Pro Edition allows Mac users to open and view .dat folders sent from Windows Outlook. As many users have discovered, the email application preinstalled on Macs is unable to open .dat folders, preventing users from viewing the content of folders. Winmail Viewer Pro Edition is just the tool for the job. This app allows users to open .dat folders sent from Windows Outlook and to view, extract and save all contents. With Winmail Viewer Pro Edition’s user-friendly interface, anyone can overcome this frustrating technical issue in a matter of clicks.


>>Opens .dat folders
Opens .dat folders sent from Windows Outlook

>>View, Extract, Store, and Share
Access the content of.dat folders

>>Easy to Use
It only takes a few seconds to access your files